Our History

Our roots go back to year 2005 where we first started as a printing services provider. But as our company grew we were able to provide services in advertising, marketing and promotional services. Now we are one of the leading advertising firms in Sri Lanka who provide services not only to Sri Lankan businesses but also International Brands.

Our Vision

Reaching the heights of Corporate Communication & Brand Building

Our Mission

To deliver individualized Corporate Communication successes, through the application of modern advanced creative technologies, ensuring quality production and increased outputs, in designing, marketing, advertising and promotional professional services.

Our Services

Hub is a device for connecting multiple channels together and making them act as a single network; a center around which other things revolve or from which they radiate: a focus of activity, authority, for commercial or social progression. 

At DESIGN HUB we are in the business of designing tangible results for our clients - providing them a center from where all their progressing needs are structured - marketing and sales, corporate and PR services, facilitating each other and also help highlight corporate social responsible projects & Conceptualizing Creative Copy, Visualizing the clients aspirations to ensure realization via print services and audio visual projects that bridge the digital divide is our forte! We take special pride in the way we work infusing energy into any assignment entrusted to us. Our guiding and overriding focus: to produce work that help achieve our clients’ aspirations and wishes.

“A brand identifies one provider’s goods or services as distinct from those of other providers”. When branding is your corporate wish DESIGN HUB will help your company’s name, sign, symbol or slogan stand out and be distinctly identified; and ensure that it evolves to project the identity and personality of the company or service. Our task at DESIGN HUB is to make the brand come alive - with innovative marketing strategies that help your brand stand apart in the crowded market.

Our proud history of long-term client relationships best testifies to the power and effectiveness of our work. Our work is the expansion of horizons of advertising as a marketing tool, conceptualizing and designing corporate communications strategies to satisfy individual company needs, packaging publicity and promotional campaigns of every nature, style and description for the newspapers, magazines, radio, television & cinema including installation and displays at exhibitions, trade fairs and other modes of mass media.

These include but not restricted to:

  • Marketing Campaigns to Targeted Audiences;
  • Developing Concepts and Themes;
  • Planning, Organizing and Managing Campaigns;
  • Capacity Building through Training in Communication, Strategies and Leadership;
  • Conducting Market Research;
  • Creating and building Corporate Identities;
  • Image Building through Strategic Marketing;

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